Principal’s Message

Dear Families

Welcome to St Columba’s Catholic Primary School Leichhardt North, and thank you for showing an interest in our school community. We are proud of the outstanding education and faith formation that we provide for our students. 

As Principal, I am passionate about providing a comprehensive education for all of our students that will empower them to become curious, active and critical participants in the world.

The teachers at St Columba’s facilitate learning experiences that cater to the learning needs of the students in their class so that all can experience success and learning growth, and thrive as they move through their learning journey. Our educators encourage and develop curiosity, critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills. As a school, we also provide co-curricular experiences that allow students to explore interests and passions across a variety of domains.

As a Catholic educator, I work closely with our parish priest, Fr Peter Smith, to ensure as a Catholic community in Leichhardt North that we promote the teaching of Christ and our Catholic identity to all.

If you are interested in enrolling at St Columba’s, I invite you to call the office to make an appointment so that you can come and see firsthand education in action in our amazing school.

Thank you for considering St. Columba’s as the school for your child’s Catholic education. 

Kind regards

Debra Galofaro

St Columbas Catholic Primary School Leichhardt NorthHistory
In 1898, two Sisters of St Joseph would walk each day from their home at St Martha’s in Renwick Street Leichhardt to our school site here in Elswick Street Leichhardt North.

In 1933, the parish was officially established and the school buildings were added over the years. A convent for the Sisters was built in 1956 but was converted to a pre-school in 2007.

The St Joseph Sisters continued their almost 100 year religious leadership of St Columba’s until 1994, when the first lay principal was appointed to the school.

St Columbas Catholic Primary School Leichhardt NorthOur mission at St Columba’s Catholic Primary School Leichhardt North is to know and love Jesus through living and learning.

Our vision is for St Columba’s to be a vibrant and active Catholic community where excellence in teaching and learning inspires all to act in the world.

At St Columba’s we value:

  • Truth – Christ is the way, the truth and light
  • Excellence – Teaching, learning and leading
  • Belonging – We live in a community that is unique and diverse
  • Empathy – We build positive relationships, are aware of others and we practice forgiveness

Schoolwide Pedagogy

In a field of opportunity we:

  • Explore: In an environment where learners are individual in nature and practice, learning experiences are engaging and purposeful and promote risk-taking and a sense of achievement.
  • Challenge: The learning environment promotes intellectual quality through higher-order and creative thinking, investigation and problem-solving.
  • Create: Our collaborative learning community offers opportunities for innovation and critical reflection based on best practice.
  • Thrive: Inspired by the Gospel values of faith, hope and love, learners develop strong and respectful relationships that enable them to make connections with, and contributions to, their ever-changing world.

St Columbas Catholic Primary School Leichhardt NorthSt Columba’s and The Holy Souls Parish North Leichhardt is a welcoming and caring community. Though small in size and number, the community is strong and vibrant.

With a mission of being ‘Open to God, Reaching Out to Others’ our parish provides many opportunities to participate and strengthen the spiritual and pastoral lives of all parishioners.

St Columba’s and The Holy Souls runs a successful parish-based sacramental program. The parental involvement in the preparation of each sacrament of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation, provides an opportunity for parents to walk together with their children on their spiritual journey.

Opportunities for spiritual enrichment exist through participation as Eucharistic and Liturgical Ministers, being a member of our choir, the annual Lenten program, or as a volunteer bringing the sacrament of Holy Communion to local nursing homes and the sick in the parish.

Mass Times:
Tuesday: 8.30am Communion Service
Friday: 9.15am
Saturday Vigil: 5.00pm
Sunday: 8.00am, 10.00am (Family Mass)

A: 213 Elswick Street, Leichhardt North NSW 2040
P: (02) 9569 2267
F: (02) 9569 5381

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